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New Animation +Collab News!

2012-02-14 08:26:34 by MarkyLyne

New Animation +Collab news!
First of all I just want to tell you that Im back into animation again!
I've generally been having alot more fun on it than I was in the past and experimenting more with different drawing styles and techniques.

Just to keep my motivated I've start a collab called the 'Follow My Lead Collab', already we have some great animators who have signed up for parts and its has a great and original concept! If you want to help out feel free!

On top of that Im working on another solo animation, I haven't submitted one for over a year so it would be great to show off some of my up to date work! The story line is quite unique in my opinion and I have good hopes for it!
(Also if you are a good quality voice actor, please inbox me as Im in need for a few lines on my work)

Thats all for now though, thanks for reading and I appreciate all comments!

(Animation print-screen below)

New Animation +Collab News!


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2012-02-14 09:18:38

Hey, I could try and do some VA lines. PM me if you want to.


2012-02-14 09:20:44

in down to voice act, here's a sample: 4bde551694dfe65100e3b4


2012-02-14 10:08:56

Good luck!!


2012-02-14 12:37:14

Looks pretty awesome man! Kinda seems like LazyMuffins style a bit.
If you need VA's I could give it a go.


2012-02-14 14:04:33

Cool to see you're expanding your art style man! I promise you that even though a move to non-stick limbs (one I had to make a while back) may seem intimidating, it really opens up a lot of potential, and leads to a very rapid climb in improving technique :)

I like how the picture in the background is a snapshot of one of your old animations. A neat little Easter egg!


2015-04-25 16:15:57